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Status Quo: Sailor Bluestar's Mindlog
A Creative Epiphany
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7th-Mar-2014 10:12 pm - List of Fics
anime me
Last Updated: January 25, 2005.

Note: My website is up now. Keep the url in http://otakunohonden.cjb.net for the site.

The Great ListCollapse )
8th-Mar-2009 02:49 pm - Jobless
Well, due to lack of work at...well...work, I find myself jobless. I guess I'll have more time to devote to hobbies or something.
13th-Feb-2009 10:39 am - Graduation/Convocation
anime me
Yesterday was my university's convocation. I am now an official graduate of the Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology. Try saying that 3 times fast.
30th-Jan-2009 12:04 pm - *peeks around*
what normal
I think I'm alive. Look, I posted before a year has passed since my last post. I deserve a cookie.

DuoLM: Or a nookie?

Hmmmm...an interesting proposal...
27th-May-2008 10:13 am - I'm Alive?
what normal
Hello peoples. Lookie, I'm alive....



I think. *checks pulse*

Anyway, I've just been busy with school and work and all that jazz. I can't believe I'm in my last semester. Come end of August, provided I pass this last course, I shall be finished my bachelors. Yay!
5th-Nov-2007 06:49 pm - NaNo Word Count
salute me
Yeah, the competition officially started November 1 at midnight, but only today, did I start my story. I now have 1,888 words under my belt. Yay me! Lets see what else distracts me this month.
24th-Aug-2007 02:15 pm - Naruto Manga 367 *gasp*
Oh. My. God. Naruto's parentage is revealed! *faints*

Naruto: *pokes with stick* I think she's dead.

Sasuke: Wanna make out?

Naruto: Sure!

*jumps back to life* Not without me watching you don't.
9th-Aug-2007 06:54 pm(no subject)
what normal

I am nerdier than 79% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

Heh, I'm amused.
8th-Aug-2007 09:53 am - Ugh
feeling the moon
After reading this, I am rather disappointed really. Especially in the comments area where one of the LJ staffers replied to a comment. Quite sickening.
9th-Jul-2007 03:31 pm - Checking In
feeling the moon
Man, I need to check in here more often. The authors have posted new chappies on their journals and now, I must catch up my favorite stories. *runs off*
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